Is online Middle Grades Education right for me?

Some people were born to be teachers. They may have just taken a few detours along the way. App State has a new program to reach and teach those with a relevant bachelor's degree across the state and many other parts of the country, who want to become teachers. This program is designed to help completers secure a teaching position in a high needs area. This program offers a meaningful path to recommendation for a clear teaching license provided by a well-respected, high-quality teacher preparation program.

It is designed for those who are working in another field and wish to become a teacher or for those who have secured jobs as a lateral entry teachers looking for a cohesive, highly quality, student-centered program to attain full licensure, as an alternative to piecing together coursework through a RALC plan of study. Appalachian State is committed to maintaining a high quality, student-centered teacher preparation program that is offered asynchronously online.

Courses are taught by experienced, caring, and connected professors at Appalachian. The Middle Grades Program has been nationally recognized as one of the best in the nation and clearly reflects and embraces the standards of middle-level education and working to teach and reach young adolescent learners. If you are passionate about making an impact on young students of this age, this may be the right program for you!

Why Middle Grades at Appalachian?

  • The first institution in North Carolina to offer specialized degree programs for middle grades education
  • A program that is well-respected at the local, state, national, and international levels
  • A long-standing commitment to excellence in middle level teacher preparation
  • A small, personal program that utilizes a cohort/community model where all teacher candidates and professors know each other well
  • Graduates are hired quickly and often receive multiple job offers
  • Opportunities to explore multiple interests and collaborate with peers, communities, and schools
  • Many opportunities for leadership locally and nationally
  • A history of strong connection to the North Carolina Middle Level Education Association and the Association of Middle Level Education

After successfully completing the course work and field experience (which take a series of 4 semesters) participants earn a Graduate Certificate in their teaching field and are recommended for a North Carolina License. 

Appalachian's Graduate Certificate in Middle and Secondary Teaching is a 19- or 24-credit-hour accelerated teacher licensure program. It leads to recommendation for an N.C. initial teaching license and includes three semesters of coursework and a related field-based practicum. Candidates who have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution will expand upon their knowledge in a related undergraduate/content major while integrating teaching theory, practice and preparation for today's culturally diverse and technology-enhanced classrooms.

The program is offered online to work around your busy schedule. Unlike some online programs that focus on reading information and completing quizzes, Appalachian State's graduate certificate program engages participants in meaningful and real-world activities and collaboration with professors and peers to help them become fully prepared to teach. The course program is engaging and challenging, as the courses are at a graduate level. The graduate certificate program has three concentrations, all of which are considered high-need areas for teachers in North Carolina. You may choose Middle Grades Education Online (6-9th grade) which includes language arts, science, math, and social studies education.

Why Appalachian?

  • Appalachian has been training quality educators for more than 100 years and is accredited by the Council for Accreditation for Educator Preparation (CAEP).
  • Graduates are highly sought after and easily employable.
  • The program offers engaging, community-based courses with personal connections.

For more information on Middle Grades licensure in North Carolina: NC DPI Licensure Website